L-ONE web configurator

Use the advertising space on your L-One dispensers more effectively

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The menu of the day, a welcome message, special events… the Lucart Professional Web Configurator offers you ready-to-use templates. But if you want something more personal, use your own creativity and include photos, your logo and whatever else you want to communicate. After creating your message, just print it and insert it in your dispenser or share it with your customers!

Here's how it works

Choose the dispenser

to personalize with your message.

Choose a theme...

Choose one of the graphic layouts proposed and personalize it with your custom message.

...Or create one from scratch

Simply choose your background colour and then use your imagination to create your message.

Personalize your message

Include logos, pictures, icons or freehand line-art!

Print and share your message

After creating your file, you can print it in the right size to fit your dispensers, share it on social media or send it to your contacts.